Our Story.

['Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.' - Voltaire ]

We believe in asking the right questions. This question has been the catalyst as to why we exist; why should comfort come at the expense of style?
We declare one does not exclude the other. Nor should it. Termed Athleisure; this is our purpose.

1. Casual comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

We believe in curated comfort. Each and every fabric we have specifically designed was created to enhance and maximise the feeling of comfortability in all of your movements. We have rigorously tested our entire range of fabrics to ensure the utmost efficiency in every aspect of your day. 

We believe in style. Compromising is not an option and this remains our compass to ensure our creations are at the forefront of fashion. We challenge the societal boundaries as to what a garment is; and pledge to continue to do so forever.

We created this movement with you in mind.
Welcome to BIINK.